Name: C. W. West

Friday, February 2, 2007


"... prophecy is but Divine history, in which the narrative is before the fact." -- The Advancement of Learning, Book 2, by Francis Bacon

One should not be so surprised by coincidence, prophecy, or even events that repeat themselves. Don't look for an explanation. Just accept that all things in the universe are not retained in a position relative to all other things. The motion of the various elements of the universe is not even linear, although that concept is difficult for most of us . The universe is moving at every dimensional level, and elements of the universe will always interact.

Not all interactions are random events, however. Even a rookie manipulator can orchestrate a simple tune. Our focus, the walrus says, is to become a master creator by having command of the elements of the universe that are within our ever-expanding reach. The trip from rookie manipulator to master creator is the prize; keep your eye on the gold ring!

Control coincidence, you say? Use time as you would a broom, the walrus says. The joy is in the creating. Lead the finale to the audience; the audience will take care of themselves.

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