Name: C. W. West

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Introduction to Sailing

We are carried though the sea of influences like a snowflake. There is not a way to our destination that is not buffeted by wind, trees, other snowflakes...

We continue on our way as if nothing could deter us from our goal, our target. We even take the credit for where and when we arrive, as if it were our goal from the start.

And so we should, to some extent. Within the boundaries that are unchangeable, and then narrowed by the countless influences of the environment, there is something that is in our power to manipulate.

The walrus says that we are able, if we are in tune with our environment, to alter our direction a little at a time like a sail bends the direction of the wind. With intent, our influence on the environment purposely interacts with other environmental influences to propel us in the direction that we choose. We use the unstoppable momentum provided by the passing of time and the environmental influences around us to fine tune our journey.

Some of the sailing is done without intent. A baby will determine for himself when he will have his next meal. His reaction to the feeling of hunger will influence his providers. The baby did not know that he was ordering his dinner.

Some people naturally develop finely tuned reflexive influence. Others may see these special people as perceptive or charismatic leaders. As influential as these naturals are, they have difficulty maintaining the same direction for very long. Their reflexive manipulation does not have the steady bearing provided by the rudder of intent.

The walrus says that one can intentionally develop the skills to use his own and his environment's influences in complementary ways. These intentional manipulations, once mastered and then internalized, become the reflexive sail that permits one to make the journey of his own choosing.

Any thinking walrus would prefer to choose his favorite from the menu, rather than sit idly at the table waiting to see what the cook brings out!

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